FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator (by Variety of Sound)

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FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator

Looking for a great free alternative to the expensive tape saturators out there? Well, look no further. FerricTDS is it. Inspired to simulate the dynamics and warmth of high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders, this wonderful plugin does this in three steps.

Firstly, it controls the dynamics by gently shaping the overall dynamic response of the sound. Then it adds extra harmonics with its’ great sounding saturation and finally, the signal peak is controlled by its built-in limiter.

These three knobs are of course yours to play with as you wish, for a subtle or strong tape effect.

So, this plugin does a lot of wonderful things to your sound. Simply put, you can say that it warms up, controls and shapes. Like a compressor, saturation, limiting and a tape recorder emulator all in one neat package.

The plugin also won the KVR Developer Challenge of 2009. It’s ten years ago but its’ quality still holds with time.


FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator

Inspired by the smooth dynamic shaping capabilities of some high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders, FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator simulates three of the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices:

  • Dynamics: gently shaping the overall dynamic response.
  • Saturation: adding extra harmonic-related content.
  • Limiting: controlling peak performance.

Functions at a glance:

  • Performs gentle audio dynamic treatments.
  • Masters difficult to handle audio material.
  • Adds extra harmonics and saturation effects.
  • Controls outgoing audio peaks.

FerricTDS features 4x oversampled core algorithms, performance-critical parts are written in assembler and it is SSE-optimized.

What it does

This device simulates some dynamic effects as can be obtained with some high quality tape gear.

Tips & tricks

  • works great on VA synths to add some slight crunch and presence
  • use it in the chain for electric guitar: Subtle compression (Density II) > Fender style ampsim > FerricTDS {Dynamics high, Saturation low, SC high, rest to taste} > optional FX
    with slightly different settings it works for crunch amps, too.
    suddenly ampsims come alive and “feel real” – what a breakthrough !
    (Tip by susiwong)


  • Win32 compatible system with SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts.


1. To install FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator, first unzip the file downloaded from Variety Of Sounds Download Page.

FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator (by Variety of Sound)

2. Next follow the file directory – Computer / System (C:) / Program Files / Steinberg – and drag the .dll file into the Steinberg folder.

3. Open up your DAW and your software will now be ready to use.

User Reviews

  • This plugin is awesome. I can make anything sound like it’s a cassette recording. Good on bass and drum busses but on the master as well. My favorite trick though is to sidechain it to a kick which creates a sweet but still very transparent whoomph/sweep-effect of the whole mix.

FerricTDS – Tape Dynamics Simulator (by Variety of Sound)

  • Software Full Name: FerricTDS_1.5.1
  • Setup File Name: FerricTDS_1.5.1
  • Full Setup Size: 7.90 MB (8,287,780 bytes)
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86)
  • Latest Version – 1.5.1